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Warm, sunny weather, great architecture, fantastic light – Barcelona is a dream city for working in our industry.

Ibiza is one of the most beautiful places on Earth thanks to its crystal clear waters and paradise beaches and as well as its charming towns and ultra-luxury villas. A producer´s dream!

Madrid is the capital of Spain, 5 hours driving from Barcelona. Here you can find from classical spanish constructions with european vibe to modern urban landscapes.

Basking in an almost eternal summer, Seville boasts great weather all year round and many, many beautiful spots to shoot in.

There´s a reason we get asked to simulate Paris in Barcelona all the time. There´s nothing quite like this city..

Marseille is a hidden gem for production. The pictures speak for themselves…

Professional crews, amazing locations and fantastic weather – Cape Town is a great spot to go during Europe´s off season.