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Red Bull Featuring Neymar Jr!

Seasun featuring Neymar and his favourite drink! Soccer competition 5X5 Neymar Jr.’s Five. Directed by Oliver Würffell. Produced by Seasun Productions.


Bik Bok and Josi Films head to the mountains

How do you shoot snow capped mountains in the middle of the summer? You head up as high into the mountains as possible, which is what we did with Norwegian brand BIK BOK, when we shot this at an altitude of 3900m in Chamonix and the Aiguile du Midi in France. Directed by Josi Films and…


We Love Summer With Lidl

Working with over 40 models, we worked across houses, pools, cities, beaches, mountains, lakes, with crowds of young clubbers, families, dogs (and lots of BBQs!) to shoot 4 commercials for Lidl’s WE LOVE SUMMER campaign. Over a 6 day shoot, the commercial team covered 15 locations! The finished commercials hit our screen in 2016.